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    Political leaders understand warfare. They understand guns and bombs and weapons of mass destruction.

    However Covid 19 provided an enemy that was unseen, unknown and unresearched.

    Political leaders were left powerless, paralyzed and ignorant in our defence against Covid-19.

    Covid 19 should be seen as a red light blinking, Gaia has begun to level the playing fields

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    We make the mistake of presuming the earth belongs to us and we are superior to

    all other species.

    In fact we are just one of millions of animals that inhabit this Planet.

    Our challenge in the future is to find a way to live on a sustainable basis with all other

    species that inhabit this Planet

  • JV

    Gaia is not concerned  with saving a species

    Gaia will save the planet and she will do this by reducing the numbers of human beings

    Covid 19 is the first sign that this process is already underway

  • JV

    Answerable to No One

    Except the Laws of Nature

  • JV

    The World is Waiting

    For a New Direction

    One Based

    On the Laws of Nature

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