John Varty with Tiger

Welcome to the journey

Let me introduce myself my name is John Varty although people call me JV. Throughout my life I have been in no less than 13 hospitals around the world including hospitals in New York, Bloemfontein, Nelspruit and Cape Town.

I have had malaria 14 times, I have 3 crushed vertebrae from a helicopter crash, 4 broken ribs from a Tiger attack, I have had Melanoma Cancer and triple bypass heart surgery.

My autobiography is called "Nine Lives" so I thought is appropriate that I call my website


Tiger Canyon

In 2000 in the Province of the Free State I created an ex situ conservation project called Tiger Canyons. Today Tiger Canyons has the only wild population of Tigers outside the Asian continent and the only free ranging white Tigers in the world.


Tigress Julie Foundation

Tigress Julie Foundation is a fully registered Foundation whose mission statement is to assist any cat in captivity or in an abusive situation back into the wilds.


The Campfire Singer and The Tiger Band

John Varty uses music to protest environmental issues and to bring awareness to a global audience.